The threat of cyber attacks to businesses and government facilities has never been higher and grows daily. Cybersecurity is a catch all term for many different aspects of security which most businesses should have in place. This includes things like monitoring and alerts, antivirus, backups, and training. We at DEFCON Network Security provide these services and more to our clients and constantly expand our offerings to provide as much security as possible. From Penetration testing by licensed ethical hackers to remediation and hardening done by our licensed network defenders, we provide the highest quality in both preventative and secure solutions available. Our clients are guaranteed an expert every time.

Licensed and Certified

Each and every technician we have on staff has been fully licensed and certified in their respective roles.


Threats can happen anytime which is why every client is fully monitored and managed by our team.


We put value to our clients and provide the highest in both quality and professionalism possible to ensure they always get the red carpet.

Responsive and Friendly Staff

Experts Available When You Need Us

Ultra fast response times

Our full security package offers all services rolled into one. This includes a full penetration test that's targeted to each facility and employs the latest tools used by hackers to attempt to break in. We don't just fine one way, we try to find all the ways. We then provide On-Site Remediation and Hardening to bring your network security to the next level by correcting any vulnerabilities found and then employing the latest in zero-trust networking. Finally, because insider threats is one of the largest reasons companies are compromised, we provide engaging awareness training that's custom tailored to each business.

The threats are real but they don't have to be feared. Allow us to help secure your business and ensure you don't end up as a statistic. Data compromises cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages every year. Ransomware has shut many businesses down and crippled others. Why take the risk when it can be avoided?


  • Vulnerability Scanning

    We provide very thorough vulnerability scanning services which can quickly identify exploitable services and openings a hacker may be able to abuse.

  • Penetration Testing

    Our Licensed Ethical Hackers will perform coordinated attacks against your perimiter and internal network to find exploits scans can't identify alone.

  • Detailed Reporting

    We provide a complete breakdown of all vulnerabilities and exploits found, including details about how they can be exploited and how to correct them.

  • 24-Hour Protection

    We provide our clients with industry leading antivirus and 24 hour monitoring and alerts to help ensure they're secure and safe at all times.

  • Email Phishing Testing

    To help keep your staff on their toes we send out phishing attacks to employee's emails regularly and report on how many times a breach could have occured.

  • Professional Training

    We provide Online and On-Site training services for management, owners, and staff to reduce the impact of insider threats and ensure everyone is ready to face the threats of tomorrow!

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